How to Download, Install and Use the WhatsApp Plus apk


There is no doubt that WhatsApp has become the most preferred application for instant messaging among mobile device users.

Since the application ownership was acquired by Facebook, it gained further popularity globally than before. However, due to users’ demand for additional and improved features which are currently not met by the application, some developers came up with the unofficial version of the same.

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This allowed any smartphone user to use services offered by the original WhatsApp on their device but with extra customizable options. To download WhatsApp Plus apk and installing it has now become a common habit among smartphone users.

WhatsApp + or WhatsApp Plus is MOD version and therefore, not supported or licensed by original WhatsApp company. Due to the software Copyright laws prohibition on use and distribution of alternative clone version of the same unregistered software, the WhatsApp Plus version remain restricted for use and distribution.

Nevertheless, it has continued to recorded high number of downloads due to the extra benefits over the original version. WhatsApp Plus is not available from popular online stores like Google Play or iTunes. Therefore, it is only available from third-party download websites and links.

Below are the step-by-step procedures on how to download and access it

Step 1

Download WhatsApp Plus apk file using android device from any reliable and trusted online source (users have to be cautious that the file is free from virus or other malware that may harm their device). The file has several download formats. Use any reliable site to get the mobile supported version.

Step 2

After the downloading, it is noticeable that the folder has all the necessary files including the apk file which are saved in the external SD card of the mobile device.

Then use the device Settings menu and under Applications or Applications Manager (it may vary depending on the model of the device used or OS version in use), find original WhatsApp application initially installed and uninstall it. This is because it is impossible to have two WhatsApp applications running simultaneously on the same device.

Step 3

Go to Settings and select on the “Security” tab. Under that tab, use the “Unknown Sources” option and check if it is active. If inactive, activate it to allow the installation of applications from third-party websites.

Access the SD card on the device and locate the downloaded apk file. Click on it to install the WhatsApp + version. Wait as the installation process completes and WhatsApp plus will be ready for use.

Alternative WhatsApp Plus activation method

Step 1

Use the usual method to activate the original WhatsApp application by following the application procedures as prompted. If already using original WhatsApp application, skip this step.

Step 2

After activating the original WhatsApp, type and send any message to random person on your WhatsApp contact list. Then use the Settings menu and backup the conversation. Alternatively, back up the existing official WhatsApp data to the external SD storage card mounted on the device.

Step 3

Uninstall the original WhatsApp application version and install the WhatsApp Plus version using the previous steps as outlined.

Step 4

Access the original WhatsApp application backup folder from the mobile device SD card and click on restore messages. If possible, restore all the data available on the application.

After this last step, the new WhatsApp Plus version should function normally.

Procedure for troubleshooting the WhatsApp Plus application

In case the newly installed application is not functioning properly or has some errors, troubleshoot by accessing the menu and then click on “Account Information” section. Then select the “Privacy” option and press “Recent Information” or anything that related to that, depending on the smartphone device in use.

Repeat the same procedure for other user application related information.

Alternative troubleshooting option

Sometimes the newly downloaded WhatsApp Plus version may fail to install correctly or malfunction even after successful installation. This may be due to some file errors or incorrect installation procedure.

To download WhatsApp Plus and satisfactorily install it on the smartphone, ensure the following is done:

  • The original WhatsApp application is uninstalled completely from the mobile device
  • The correct file version of WhatsApp Plus version is downloaded from reliable third party store or provided download link
  • The file is fully downloaded and saved on the storage SD card of the mobile device
  • Under device Settings, ensure that the Security option is enabled for the “Unknown Sources”. (The procedure to access Unknown Sources differs from device or mobile Operating System version in use)
  • The apk file on the storage SD card contains the new WhatsApp Plus file and is used to install the WhatsApp Plus Holo or WahtsApp + version
  • The installation process is not interrupted until complete
  • In case all the above suggestions fail, use the original WhatsApp version backup data to restore previous information to the new WhatsApp Plus version. Upon Activation of the new version, delete the original version file completely.

However, please note that due to original application Copyright laws, some download links provided for the WhatsApp Plus file may be broken or unavailable.

Advantages of downloading and using the WhatsApp Plus

  1. Like the original WhatsApp version, it has unlimited instant messaging ability
  2. Users can send unlimited audio, voice notes and image files
  3. The latest version of WhatsApp Plus has an additional video calling feature that has been missing in the original version (but available to those who activate it from the settings)
  4. It is free to download and install for all smartphone users
  5. It has a unique feature that allows the application to be accessed in offline mode, enabling the user to be active on WhatsApp Plus without anybody noticing that they are using it
  6. It is free of charge throughout the year. Although in the earlier versions, developers had set it for payment after one year of use but currently it is completely free forever. This includes the regular application updates and unlimited access to all features
  7. The main menu has an updated that includes an option to hide the “connection” status that was earlier indicated with a blue light
  8. It has the ability to view videos and photos without necessarily downloading them on the mobile device. This saves on total data used on the application
  9. It has frequent new version releases and updates from developers
  10. When users download WhatsApp Plus, it is notable that the installation file size is equal to or relatively equal in size with the original WhatsApp file. This ensures no extra storage space is required to replace the original application file.

Smartphone requirements for installing and using WhatsApp Plus

There are no special or extra requirements needed for any smartphone to download, install and use WhatsApp + application.

It has the same device specifications as the original version. Just ensure that the mobile device has enough storage space on the SD card to download and store the apk file for installation. Secondly, check that the “Unknown Sources” options under “Device Settings” is activated before starting any installation procedure.

This is important for the successful installation and functionality of the WhatsApp Plus application.

Similar to other mobile applications, it is necessary to ensure that the most recent and updated apk file version of unofficial WhatsApp Plus application is downloaded for installation.

To download WhatsApp Plus, check that the application version is compatible with the device OS or the version in use.

For Android users, there is a common installation file of the application that will support all their devices irrespective of the OS version.

Download APK

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