Download Whatsapp for iPad / iPad 2 / iPad / iPad mini. Install Whatsapp

Do you know that it is possible to install Whatsapp application on iPad? You can either watch the video instruction or read the manual and pay special attention to the screen shots! After this you will have perfect application for communication on your device.

First you should do is to be sure that you have:

A notebook with any operating system including MacOS;

  • iPad
  • iPhone (until availability of phone required)
  • A separate SIM card for your account of Whatsapp on iPad’s;

Cord for smart phones and tablets and the availability of the Internet

The most important thing that using our method, you can install an application without a jailbreak!

whatsapp for ipad 1

How to Install WhatsApp on Ipad

Step 1: go to iTunes on your computer and download the application from the AppStore Store.

whatsapp for ipad 2

Step 2: After downloading open the iTunes library in the section Programs. Right-click on the program Whatsapp and open its location. It is better to move the downloaded file on your desktop.

whatsapp for ipad 3

Step 3: Then you need to download and install on your PC the main program, called iFunBox.

whatsapp for ipad 4

Step 4: To download Whatsapp, you need to connect the device to a PC and open the iFunBox. Wait a while until the program detects the device.

whatsapp for ipad 5

Step 5: Under iFunBox Classic you need to select the function “ Install application”. Then select .ipa file WhatsApp on your desktop.

whatsapp for ipad 6

Step 6: You must remove the device after there will be opened statement of the installation of the application.

whatsapp for ipad 7

You can see the icon on the desktop. But it will not be available. Because you need to activate the software through a mobile operator, that is, assign a phone number.

For this we will use Whatsapp installed on iPhone and SIM card with a phone number, which will be used in Whatsapp on iPad. Place the SIM card in your smart phone, reinstall Whatsapp on iPhone and activate the phone number through SMS.

whatsapp for ipad 8

Activate the application and connect your iPhone to your computer. The program iFunBox open WhatsApp and copy to your computer two folders: Documents, Library. Disconnect the iPhone.

whatsapp for ipad 9

Connect your IPad to computer. In the same section, select WhatsApp and delete the first two folders in the right window.

Copy to their place two folders that were previously saved in the iPhone. Then disconnect the tablet from the computer.

whatsapp for ipad 10

If you will follow every step and do everything correctly – you will get a perfect application for communication on your tablet. Believe us, soon you will not be able to imagine your life without Whatsapp.

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