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How to Download and Install the Whatsapp for Windows 7?

It is high time to speak about computer version of popular application, called Whatsapp. Many computer users are often asked how to install the application to Windows? Here we will speak about installation of Whatsapp ONLY to Windows 7 for free and configure it to your PC.

It would be great to have computer version of this application. But the problem is, that it does not exist. On the official website you will not find this program, and you can not try to download WhatsApp to computer from other sources. Every website which forces you to download computer version of Whatsapp are crooks.

But still there is a way out. We are talking about not a very mobile marketing agency complicated way of setting this messenger through emulation program which is described in detail on our website. You need to download an emulator and then Whatsapp.

  1. But first we need to say some information about this application, because still somebody will not know about Whatsapp. We are almost sure that you already know what WhatsApp is. This is app without which today we can hardly imagine our daily communication. Day by day we need to send messages, photos and other files. We don’t want any more pay money for using messages. And this is understandable – today we have The Internet and a lot of apps developed by the app solutions , which allow us to send and share files for free. WhatsApp is one among them.

whatsapp for windows 7 1

Some facts about Whatsapp

  • Software company which was founded in 2009 and is based in Santa Clara (California, USA).
  • Audience of Whatsapp has already exceeded 100 million subscribers. Its popularity is so great that it is the most popular mobile applications for iPhone among 121 (!!!) countries in the world.
  • Many mobile operators now understand the threat caused by this application and are seriously concerned about the fall in revenue from the transfer of SMS-messages. And we understand their concerns, because only in April 2012 with the help of this app was forwarded more than two billion messages, and in August 2012 more than 10 billion !!! Losses from the transfer of SMS messages has already estimated as hundreds of millions of dollars per month just by WhatsApp.

In 2016, it is expected a loss of 54 billion USD per year. Do you understand the scale of the disaster for the mobile operators? A similar situation which is described here is observed with Viber. In the Netherlands, for example, mobile operators seriously fighting with the Viber and occasionally blocking it.

whatsapp for windows 7 2

How to download Whatsapp for Windows 7?

If we are writing this article it means that we know the way of installing Whatsapp for computer.

But first you will have to download the emulator First of all, you need to download the android emulator BlueStacks, which was created specifically to emulate Android on your computer. It supports OS as belonging to the family of Windows (including Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8) and family of Mac OS (version 8, 9, and X).

whatsapp for windows 7 3

After you downloaded emulator you need to find apk files of Whatsapp – Download WhatsApp for Android.

whatsapp for windows 7 4

After this you will have to write the details of your Google-account (if not, it is strongly recommended creating it), and then – the address of the e-mail and password; Re-enter the required information about your Google-account again, then find WhatsApp and click “Install“.

whatsapp for windows 7 5

You will see the list in which you will have to choose the first variant.

whatsapp for windows 7 6

So, actually you finished installation. You may use Whatsapp, you just need to click its icon

whatsapp for windows 7 7

The last step is to enter your telephone number and to pass through checking of it. After this you will have an opportunity to use Whatsapp.

whatsapp for windows 7 8

Take into consideration that after opening programme there will be no contacts. But this is not a problem – you can easily add them! Just find in right corner three dots, click on them and in dropped list choose Add Contact. Finished! Enjoy your communication!

whatsapp for windows 7 9