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Whatsapp is a universal programme which works on mostly smart phones. And this is not surprising – this application won hearts of million people in the whole world. And all this due to its usability and comfort.

Now you can communicate with your friends for free – and not only send text messages like simple paid sms, but also share files, create group chats and send photos and audio and video files. Besides even if your friends live abroad – you can easily and for free communicate with them!

Today Samsung has so many versions of the operating systems that they are worth mentioning separately. But in this article we will look which models work with Whatsapp program.

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The only Samsung platform on which Whatsapp will not work correctly is a tablet Galaxy TAB 4, but for it will soon be working version, about which we will soon tell you on our site.

Whatsapp Messenger now supports by not only expensive models Like the Galaxy and Duos, but also cheaper. It means that you can safely install it on operating systems such as BADA and even on old phones running on JAVA.

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Some information about Whatsapp

Of course each application and programme has its pluses and minuses. For everybody they are different. Let’s start from pluses.

Absolutely free transmission because of the fact that communication is carried out through the Internet (Wi-Fi or mobile data); It means that you no more will have to pay for communication and even video connection.

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You cat easily keep in touch with contacts from the phone book

  • It was proved that Whatsapp is more fast in comparison with alike applications like Viber, Skype 
  • It runs high speed data transmission because of transferring photos, audio and video in compressed form.

Here appeared a support for such phones as the Samsung GT S5230 and Wave

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You can easily send your location using maps and tegs. For example you want your friends to come to you, but they are don’t know your locations. You just need to send your location using Whatsapp and they will see not only address but also a map.

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You can show your emotions through animated smiles

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To register your telephone number is the easier procedure.

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If it happened so that you deleted Whatsapp – don’t worry about chats – they are stored in a special archive

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It goes without saying that you can easily create group chats for communication with friends, relatives or co-workers

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  • You can send to e-mail all messaging in a text document;
  • You need no user name and password to log into the program;
  • Integration with the phone book, which leads to the automatic detection of new contacts who also have set Whatsapp;
  • Multiplatform. It supports all popular mobile platforms, including a simple phone with the ability only to install java apps;
  • Constant availability if the presence of the Internet connection, even if the contact is not directly in the application;

You can configure your profile and status

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You will be informed when your message will be delivered. Now we will inform you about minuses. But they are very small in comparison with pluses.

Whatsapp doesn’t have any video or audio connection. But only dew to this it is more fast than its analogues.

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Actually, this is the only minus which we found 🙂

  • Setting of Whatsapp on different platforms

To set WhatsApp on Samsung phones is very simple, but first you need to know what kind of platform supports your device:

If you have Android platform:

Step 1: you need to download the .apk format from Google Play or from our website

Step 2: click the installation file

Step 3: click the icon and following the prompts go through the registration of your phone number.

If you have WhatsApp on Bada platform:

Step 1: Download WhatsApp for Samsung Bada;

Step 2: Download a file with the extension .jar to your phone using usb-cable;

Step 3: Unplug the usb-cable, and restart the device;

Step 4: Install the downloaded file and go through registration of your telephone

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