Whatsapp for Laptop

As you may already know there exist such application for smart phones which is called Whatsapp. It promptly bursted into our lives and in a short time managed to win the hearts of millions of users. And this is not surprising. Whatsapp gives wide opportunities for communication: you can create groups for chat with your friends, share photos or video, send different smiles.

A lot of people used to use Whatsapp on their smart phones and now whey started to search version of Whatsapp for computer. It was reasonable – computer is much more convenient for chatting and sharing files. Besides, during the day we spend more time in front of computer and it would be great to have Whatsapp on PC.

hatsapp for laptop 1

Following our recommendations you will have Whatsapp on your PS. But before installing it you should be sure that your PC has at least 2 GB of free RAM. Because if PC has not enough free memory space – programme will not work correct. If your notebook is powerful enough – you should not worry.

In any case you can use WhatsApp Web. About this online version we will write a separate article on our website, which will simply and clearly explain how to communicate through it.

Using of Whatsapp on PC for Winodws 7, 8, 10

To install WhatsApp on PC, you need to download an additional application that simulates Android on your laptop. That is, after the launch you will get exactly the same access to all activities and applications from Play Market, as if you used your smart phone. The program will provide work on both Windows 7, 8 and the new Windows 10.

Step 1: download Bluestacks and following the instructions install the program on your laptop. We prepared for you some screen shots which will clear the situation.

whatsapp for laptop 2

hatsapp for laptop 3

Step 2: You need to pass a short-time settings which will give you the access to applications of Play Market, also you need set up a Google Account and sync application.

hatsapp for laptop 4

Step 3: Now the computer is ready to install WhatsApp . You just need to enter the name of the application in a special line and click on the icon of Whatsapp.

whatsapp for laptop 4

Step 4: just click “to install”.

whatsapp for laptop 5

Step 5: you will have to verify your number of telephone. Enter your number and wait until the time of the SMS confirmation will end, and then select the confirmation call. Service of Whatsapp call will inform you with the code inspection, which you need to enter in the appropriate field.

hatsapp for laptop 6

Step 6: Enjoy communication! Now it is so easy 🙂

hatsapp for laptop 7

Why do people like it?

  • It seems like nothing unusual in this application no. BUT! It works and is very comfortable. No need to go into e-mail and poke sweaty fingers on the screen by typing an e-mail.
  • No need to wind up passwords, logins and other things. Your phone number – that’s all you have to have.
  • The audio recordings can be exchanged without removing the flash drives back and forth, and, God forbid, without setting obscure Bluetooth. Tell me honestly, do you often use Bluetooth?
  • Very user-friendly interface. Everything is done after just a few taps on the touch screen.
  • Works in the background. It does not consume a lot of resources and eats phone battery.
  • Interface is multilingual, and the language barrier will not be there.
  • Easy as ABC for a first grader.

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