How to delete contact from Whatsapp

We have already told how to add a contact in your address book, how to block it and now you will get to know how to remove a contact from the Whatsapp. This instruction can be useful if you have many inactive or unnecessary contacts from which you would like to get rid of.

You should remember that simple removing of the contact will not solve your problem completely, those contacts will be able to write to you. If you want completely delete them – just block them.

Steps of removing contacts from the program

Step 1: Open Whatsapp and go to contacts

Step 2: Click on the contact you want to delete, then in the dialogue box click on the contact name at the top.

whatsapp delete contact 2

Step 3: Press menu and then choose “open in the address book”.

whatsapp delete contact 1

Step 4: You will see the profile of the contact. Open Menu one more time and choose “Delete

whatsapp delete contact 3

Step 5: Update the application. You will see that the deleted contact disappeared.



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