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How to add contacts to WhatsApp on phone

There are two versions of Whatsapp: computer and for smart phones. Computer version of Whatsapp differs from version of smart phone. If you use smart phone version – you don’t have to do anything: those users from your contact list who also have Whatsapp will be added to application automatically. But if you have computer version – you will have to add contacts by hand.

Below is a guide on the application for ios, if you Whatsapp for Android, you also need to watch a video statement:


If you do not know how to add a new contact to Whatsapp, you will need to write a name and phone number of your new contact in your address book. Either do it directly from the messenger:

Open Whatsapp and go to Contacts:

whatsapp add contact phone 1

Press “+”, write needful information and press “Ready

whatsapp add contact phone 2

After this you need to open the Favourites tab at the top of the page and update page. If this person uses Whatsapp , it will appear in your list, if not, you can always ask him to use the program. Just send him an SMS with a link to the application.

You can also add to your contact list WhatsApp a subscriber, from whom have received the message, but which is not in your list. Just press “Add” in the top of the page.

whatsapp add contact phone 3

Then enter the name of the user and press ‘Ready