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Answers to the most frequently asked questions

So, as we see, there are a lot of questions about this program. So we and prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions. They are constantly asked, and in order not to respond on each again and again we added an article below.

How to disable Whatsapp? Why it is always online?

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Indeed, there is a problem. Constantly being online, and it’s annoying. As a standard way it can not be disabled. But there is a way out:

  • Unplug the Internet on your phone
  • Install the program to SD-card and take it out while night 🙂

As you can see, this is a bad way, and we hope that the developers will add the possibility to solve this problem.

I have phone with 2 sim cards. I can put two programs at once?

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No, you can not. The program is linked to one sim card. Here is the rule: one phone = one Whatsapp.

How much will I pay for the use of this program?

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Once again i remind you that if you use this app, you will pay only for Internet traffic. I strongly recommend to connect the option of unlimited Internet from your mobile operator in order to avoid unpleasant surprises later. It is not expensive.

I’m in roaming. How much I will pay?

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Be careful: the prices of internet traffic in roaming can be very expensive. Specify how much megabyte costs abroad and count on a calculator:) I draw your attention that the unlimited internet access, as a rule, does not work in roaming, and it is valid only at the home area of your connection.

Why in this program I can not speak by voice?

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This program is designed primarily as a replacement for the standard MMS SMS-messages. If you want more (voice chat), then take a look at the program Viber.

I have old Nokia phone. How I can install Whatsapp?

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You have no choice, bro 🙁 You need smart phone only.

I have a tablet that has no sim-card. How to install?

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No opportunity. For the service of this app you need sim card installed.

How I can add a contact?

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If your friend has already installed Whatsapp, then you just need to enter his phone number in a conventional machine’s address book. And your friend will appear automatically after a certain time in the program contacts.

That’s the beauty of the service, you do not need to invite anyone, contacts are pulled in automatically.

Here, we tried to answer all the most frequently asked questions.If you still do not understand how to use this app or its opportunities, then watch the video in the article above!