Download and Install Whatsapp on PC

WhatsApp – is the application, which become popular within few days due to its functionality and usability.

When WhatsApp become №1 app on most smart phones, users started to search version for personal computers. Yes, it would be great to have computer version of this application. But the problem is, that it does not exist.

On the official website you will not find this program, and you can not try to download WhatsApp to computer from other sources. Every website which forces you to download computer version of Whatsapp are crooks.

But still there is a way out. We are talking about not a very complicated way of setting this messenger through emulation program which is described in detail on our website.

Below we will describe the best possible and the shortest way of installation.

  1. Download emulator BlueStacks from the official website and after installation move on to the next step!
  2. Download the APK file and click it twice. WhatsApp will be installed on your computer.

This method matches only professional computer users. But below we will describe a detailed programme of installation with screen shots and explanations.


Why Whatsapp version has become so popular today?

The answer is easy – because of its convenience! Yes, most time within a day we spend in front of computer. And it is much easier to chat using computer: it has bigger screen and more opportunities, it is easier to send photos or share files using PC.

Besides, everything is more visible on the display than on the screen of smart phone. That is why the computer version of Whatsapp lately become even more popular than the version for Android.

The second reason is simple – some phones do not support this application but still we want to chat with friends, and then it is high time for this version.

whats app pc 2

Installation and usage of Whatsapp must be only on Android platform. But it is also possible to use it on computer, you just need to use the emulator of this programme. You can see on the photo how it works.

whatsapp for pc 3

Steps of installation of the Android emulator on your computer

Step 1: You need to Download the Android Emulator BlueStacks. This emulator is the most convenient today and its installation is intuitively understandable.

whats app pc 1

Step 2: By double-clicking on the installer you will start the installation process.

whats app pc 4

whats app pc 5

Yes, this process is not short. You will have to wait for some time. Believe us, the result costs waiting.

whats app pc 6

After the installation of the programme you will see on the desktop new labels: the installed applications, and the program by itself.

whats app pc 7

So now on your computer exists an excellent program using which you can use Whatsapp and any other applications on the entire screen, create chats with friends, send photos and share files without using your smart phone.

Now it is high time to speak about the installation of Whatsapp to your PC

Step 1: Download WhatsApp file for a PC with a resolution of .apk from this page here.

whats app pc 9

Step 2: You need to install the Android emulator. For doing this you need to open the folder with downloaded for APK-file and by double click to install it.

whats app pc 10

Step 3: Click the notification and Bluestacks will start the installation. Also you will have to accept the rules and conditions.

whats app pc 11

Step 4: After this you will have to select your country from the list of countries and enter your phone number to verify the connection and registration of number in WhatsApp.

whats app pc 12

Step 5: Check one more tome whether you entered phone number correctly. Because you will receive a call with a message code which must be used immediately for registration.

whatsapp for pc 13

Step 6: You will have to wait for the system to check the possibility to send SMS to your number. Of course it will fail because you use your computer. Then you will have to choose by clicking “call me”.

whats app pc 14

Step 7: After there will be a call to your phone, you will have to listen to a digital code. Then enter the code in the designated field.

whats app pc 15

Step 8: After these actions you will have an opportunity to full fill your profile.

whats app pc 16

Step 9: When you click Next your registration will be completed. You can enjoy using comfortable programme on your PC.

whats app pc 17

So, the problem has been installed but still there is a small problem – you have no contacts! It means you will not be able to chat with people. But this is not a problem – you just need to add contacts to Whatsapp.

How to add contacts to Whatsapp:

It is very easy. Please, pay attention to it, because it is very important point: click on three points at the top right of vertical. In the menu that appears, select Contacts.

whatsapp for pc 18

In the upper right corner you need to select the figure with the C + and enter a name and number on desirable contact. After this you will open for yourself the world of full Whatsapp.