Beard Status


Beard lover.


A beard is a gift you give your face.


A full beard looks cool.


A man who can grow a beard is the kind of man you want to with because a man who has patience to grow a beard has the patience to deal with your shit.


A man without beard is like lion without mane.


Any man can start a beard… A true man never finishes one.


Be Beard…Be Loved…


Be bearded, be real mens nd f*ck haters hard


Beard Status Quotes for Whatsapp Facebook


Beard madness


Beard making ugly men handsome since the beginning of time.


Beard sign of hotness.


Beard under construction.


Beards make Guy Hotter.


Beards…if she dnt love it , send her back




Grow a beard. Then we’ll talk.


Grow what your father gave you.


Growing a beard is a habit most natural, scriptural, manly and beneficial.


He who sacrifices his beard for a woman deserves neither.


Hey there! I am using Beard.


I beleive in beards


I don’t have many hobbies, but my beard collects bras. 😛


I don’t work out much But my beard lifts skirts.


I grew my beard out a little bit just to show that, indeed, I am a man.


I met god..he has a beard.


I’m Sorry; I can’t hear you over my awesome beard.



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