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We are sure that you already know what WhatsApp is. This is app without which smartphone users can hardly imagine their daily communication. We need to send messages, photos and other files on daily basis.

We don’t want to pay for sending and receiving messages anymore. And this is understandable – today we have the Internet and a lot of apps which allow us to send and share files for free. WhatsApp is probably the most popular app of them all.

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Please be attentive: This is not an official WhatsApp website.

We just want to inform you about this application. We will show you how to download WhatsApp for PC and using WhatsApp for Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 computer. After reading this article, you will know everything about the app and how to make it run on PC. WhatsApp has become one of the biggest names in the app market today. Now most (if not all) smartphone users have WhatsApp installed on their devices.

You can install and use WhatsApp on your PC by:

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Whatsapp has become one of the biggest names in the app market today. Now everyone who has a smart phone, they are all using WhatsApp.

So, you need to download WhatsApp to your PC using these 3 methods. Here is the detailed guide on how to download WhatsApp for PC using these top 3 methods. Follow the detailed guide and soon you will be the happiest user of this app:

Whatsapp – what is it?

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Developer Official site is here. Unfortunately, there is no Russian version of the site, but I am sure it will appear sooner than later. This app is considerably small in size, but it allows you to do many things including:

This is a small program that must be installed on the device, and allows you to do the following simple steps:

  • Sending text messages to other subscribers. It means, senders and receivers have WhatsApp installed on their computers. Messages are sent and received without any cost, except small Internet fee.
  • Sending photos.
  • Sending audio files including music or voice notes. (Forget about tinkering with unknown Bluetooth)
  • Sharing geographic coordinates or locations. For tourists and travelers, this feature can be very useful. Location information is sent not in the form of latitude and longitude, but as an image of Google Map. We really like this feature in particular.
  • Forwarding contacts information. No need to whisper a phone number and an e-mail like “a like in apple, no, not m but n! : -)))”

Why do people like it?

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  • It seems like nothing unusual in this application, but it is faster and more user-friendly than most similar apps. No need to go into e-mail and poke sweaty fingers on the screen by typing an e-mail.
  • No need to wind up passwords, logins and other things. Your phone number – that’s all you need to register and use the app.
  • The audio recordings can be sent and received without removing the flash drives back and forth, and, God forbid, without setting obscure Bluetooth. Tell me honestly, do you often use Bluetooth?
  • Very user-friendly interface. Everything is ready to use after just a few taps on the touch screen.
  • Works in the background. It does not consume a lot of resources and eats phone battery.
  • Interface is multilingual, meaning no language barrier.
  • Easy as ABC for a first grader.

We have to say that it is a very convenient app to use for communication with relatives abroad or while roaming. In short – just try. We are sure you’ll like this app.

How much should you pay to use all those benefits?

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You will only have to pay for the internet traffic required for sending and receiving data. But since almost all mobile operators offer unlimited Internet access options for ridiculously cheap price, you can sit back, relax, and send as many messages as you like.

Download WhatsApp for PC

What phones are compatible? How much are they?

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At the time of writing, the application is available for free download and compatible with the following phone models and operating systems:

Note: we highly recommend installing the app only from the official website of the developer or from an official app store on your smart phone (AppStore, Google Play, Windows Store, etc).

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In any case, do not download from all sorts of obscure sites. Be careful and not fall into the clutches of scams. Never pay money for downloading the app; it is FREE.

How to install WhatsApp?

Installation is very simple and straightforward.

All you need is to insert your phone number correctly during the installation, and create a username. We have already tested the app on two phones running the Android operating system – we faced no problems.

In this short video below shows how to install WhatsApp for Android and how to configure it.

How to use?

It’s very easy; easier than sending e-mail or regular SMS-messages. It is intuitively understandable! Once again, we strongly advise you to look at the video above to avoid confusion.

How can I add a contact?

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Very easy, all the contacts already stored in your phone are automatically to WhatsApp. In order to communicate via the app, both sender and recipient must install this application.

Also it is necessary (although not mandatory) to store each other’s phone numbers in phone’s contact list. For example, you have a friend whose phone number is stored on your phone. If your friend also uses WhatsApp, he/she will automatically appear in the contacts list within the application.

What should you do if you have problems?

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We have to say that we have never faced any problems while using this app for almost a month.

But if suddenly you will have some problem or misunderstanding, then:

Who invented it? Interesting facts:

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  • A software company based in Santa Clara (California, USA) founded in 2009.
  • WhatsApp has more than 100 million subscribers. Its popularity is so great that it is the most popular mobile applications for iPhone in 121 (!!!) countries in the world.
  • Many mobile operators now understand the threat caused by this application and are seriously concerned about the fall in revenue from the conventional SMS-messages. It is understandable because in April 2012 alone this app sent more than two billion messages, and more than 10 billion in August 2012!!! Losses from the declined usage of SMS messages have been estimated to reach hundreds of millions of dollars per month.

In 2016, it is expected a loss of 54 billion USD per year. Do you understand the scale of the disaster for the mobile operators? Another app called Viber has been a major concern as well. In the Netherlands, for example, mobile operators seriously fighting with Viber and are occasionally blocking it.

Download WhatsApp Messenger (Free) for Windows / Android / MacOS

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Download WhatsApp for PC

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